Whoever came up with the idea for a golf cart parade?

It started when Phil Harris, Alice Faye and some other celebrities who had vacation homes here wanted something fun to do. Palm Desert is known as the “golf capital of the world,” how about something with golf carts?

Is this just a bunch of golf carts driving down the street?

Oh no, it’s much more. Think of a mini Rose Parade where the carts are decorated with tissue paper instead of roses. Then add bands, clowns, and other marching groups. It is a fantastic local celebration and tradition that you must see!

Is there something for kids to do?

We have clowns, face painting, crafts, a rock climbing wall and more. Best of all, it’s free. The Kids Zone is located on Larkspur, north of El Paseo.

How about adults?

Well, the parade is fun and enjoyment for all ages, especially with the early morning pancake breakfast, the special Cart Show, and the VIP or Senior Seating Area. The breakfast is next to the Bank of America parking lot at San Luis Rey and El Paseo. We are also adding a beer & cocktail garden this year located on Larkspur, south of El Paseo.

Can anyone with a golf cart participate?

Yes and no. Only electric powered carts are allowed and they must be decorated to fit the theme. There is a nominal entry fee. Check out the details on the 2018 FLOATEntryForm 2018. The route is 3/4 of a mile from San Luis Rey to Ocotillo.

Is there a size limitation?

Decorated carts can be no larger than 14’ high, 16’ wide and 30’ long.

What about other entries?

Cheerleading squads, dance groups, cycling clubs… even fencing clubs… can participate. But, every entry needs to have a decorated cart as part of their entry unit.
(Full marching bands are the only entries that do not need accompanying carts.)

Does it cost to enter?

Yes. Nominal fees are charged to offset the cost of putting on a full day of activities. See the 2018 FLOATEntryForm 2018 for details.

Are trophies awarded?

Yes, in several categories. The awards are presented at 11:30 am at the corner of San Luis Ray and El Paseo.

When is the parade?

The last Sunday in October. The parade steps off at 12:00 pm, but check out the entire day’s schedule.

Where can I park?

Check out the Parade Map. Parking lots are noted.

What’s the weather for the parade?

October highs average 91º so wear a hat and bring your sunblock.

Who organizes the parade?

The Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce and City of Palm Desert work side-by-side to handle the day-to-day administration, overall parade management including coordination of logistics and safety. A Committee of over 20 volunteers is instrumental in making the parade a reality.